Shure SE535 (Limited Edition)

Plus- en minpunten

  • Pluspunt:
    Door de tweeter en dubbele woofers luister je naar een krachtig en gedetailleerd geluid.
  • Pluspunt:
    De geluidsisolerende dopjes filteren tot 37 dB van het omgevingsgeluid.
  • Minpunt:
    Door de draagwijze zijn deze oordopjes minder geschikt voor brildragers.

Omschrijving Shure SE535 (Limited Edition)

Met de Shure SE535 klinkt je digitale muziekcollectie gedetailleerd en diep. Deze oordopjes beschikken over een tweeter en dubbele woofers. Doordat deze drivers de lage en de hoge tonen afzonderlijk van elkaar produceren, geven ze een gebalanceerd geluid weer. Zet een nummer op en luister naar heldere zang- en melodielijnen, terwijl de bas een diepe klank heeft. De oordopjes worden geleverd met dopjes in verschillende maten die tot 37 dB van het omgevingsgeluid filteren. Ook bij een laag volume is je muziek duidelijk te verstaan. Je draagt de oordopjes boven je oren langs. Hierdoor blijven ze stevig zitten en hangt er geen kabel in de weg.

Standaard meegeleverd

  • Zachte oordopjes
  • Geluidsisolerende sleeves
  • Schoonmaak gereedschap

4 sterren beoordeling van What Hi-Fi

4 sterren beoordeling van What Hi-Fi
De Shure SE535 (Limited Edition) heeft van het onafhankelijke magazine What Hi-Fi een 4 sterren beoordeling ontvangen.


Meest behulpzame review

Score 4.5 / 5 4.5 / 5 sterren
"One of the best sounding mids I have ever heard"
  • Pluspunt:
    One of the best sounding mids I have ever heard
  • Pluspunt:
    Not difficult to drive
  • Minpunt:
    You really need to spend time finding the right eartip for your ear to get the best comfort and sound from it

First and foremost my sound preference is having great mids. Treble and bass only comes secondary for me in liking an iem or any headphone for that matter. Current iems I own are the ortofon e-q8, fidue a83, focal sphear and the sennheiser momentum m2 ieg. The ortofon e-q8 is for me the best sounding of the bunch though I had to try a lot of dac/amps to power it correctly. This is because the e-q8 has a very low impedance of around 5 ohms in the bass region, around 12 ohms in the mids and around 64 ohms in the treble. When not powered correctly, the sound will be very tiny like it was coming from an old radio set. However, when powered properly, the e-q8 really sounded sublime. It has a neutral but very musical bass, a very smooth as liquid and very transparent mids (best mids I have ever heard) and a treble that gives sparkle but still remain not sibilant. The problem is that after 2 years of usage it developed a slight distortion on the right earpiece when playing bassy tones in high volume. It still is ok at normal volume but thinking about it irritated me so I decided to look for a replacement. Unfortunately, looks like the e-q8 is not manufactured anymore and I can't find any sellers of it already. Thus I had to look for a brand that has at least a similar signature. After a lot of research, I finally decided to try the SE535LTD. At first, it was really a struggle finding the right eartips that would provide me the right comfort. I had to try all that were provided and spend some time listening with it to really be acquainted with its resulting sound as well to check if I can do prolonged listening with it. In the end, I settled with the small silicon gray tips. I guess every person will have his/her own eartip for his/her ears. After getting the right fit and having played music of around 100 hrs with them, I can say that the sound quality is up there with my e-q8. I would still give a slight advantage on the e-q8 regarding transparency in the mids however I can say that they are still very good with regards to the type of sound that I like. I have no problem replacing my e-q8 with these if the time comes that it dies. This is a very excellent iem indeed. Just for reference, below is a list of my gear I currently have: Iems: ortofon e-q8, fidue a83, focal sphear and sennheiser momentum m2 ieg Headphones: shure srh1840, sennheiser hd600, b&w p7 wireless b&w p5 wireless, denon ah mm400 and audio technica M50x Dac/Amp: chord mojo and oppo ha2se Daps: pioneer xdp-100r and fiio X7 with the AM1 module Special mention phone: meizu pro 5 (I like to mentioned this as this is a really good sounding phone that can power even my hd600 easily. This even has a balanced headphone out capability given the right cable! I have newer phones already but nothing has surpassed it yet in terms of headphone out sound quality from a phone - maybe the lg v20 but I haven't had that yet and I don't think that has a balanced output capability) Also below are the previous gear I had owned: Iems: sennheiser ie8 with a silver cable, rock-it sounds r50 and rha ma750 Headphones: sony mdr 10 Dac/Amp: ibasso zero mk2, fiio e11k and fiio e7 Daps: hidizs ap100 and fiio x3

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